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Workers' compensation insurance or workman's compensation insurance covers injuries and occupational diseases picked up at work. Fault doesn't matter; employers are liable even if the employee may have contributed to the injury or illness. It's required in every state except Texas, and specifics vary from state to state. Workers' comp can cover all these areas: Injuries or loss of limbs, Diseases like emphysema or repetitive motion, Injury inflicted at work, Medical treatment, Rehabilitation needed so workers can return to work, Lost wages (up to two-thirds of the employee's salary), Death, Liability Insurance for the company for lawsuits filed by injured employees. We have assembled some of the cheapest and affordable resources on Worker's Compensation Insurance. Click here for workers compensation insurance, workers insurance and/or workman's compensation insurance for small and big businesses.

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To protect employers from lawsuits resulting from workplace accidents and to provide medical care and compensation for lost income to employees hurt in workplace accidents, in almost every state, businesses are required to buy workers compensation insurance or workman's compensation insurance. Workers compensation insurance covers workers injured on the job, whether they're hurt on the workplace premises or elsewhere, or in auto accidents while on business. It also covers work-related illnesses. Workers or workmans compensation provides payments to injured workers, without regard to who was at fault in the accident, for time lost from work and for medical and rehabilitation services. It also provides death benefits to surviving spouses and dependents. Worker's compensation insurance therefore is critical for business survival. On this page, you will find resources related to online and cheap workers compensation insurance quotes for all states in USA including the state of California - CA.

Workers Compensation Insurance Quotes

Workers Compensation Insurance Quotes

More about worker's compensation insurance?
There are many kinds of insurance that business owners tend to purchase. Insurance that protects non-employees if they are injured at the employers business is called public liability insurance, while professional liability insurance protects the employee from malpractice or a breach of trust. Workers compensation insurance is different from these because it offers to compensate for funds lost due to an employee's injury at the workplace.
Eligibility for workers compensation insurance?
Almost every company with employees is required to have workers compensation insurance. With one insurance package purchase, all employees in a particular firm are covered, so business owners do not have to worry about taking out multiple policies. Workers compensation insurance can actually provide an employer with many benefits. First is the fact that each and every workers compensation claim will not mean money out of your pocket. Mistakes do happen. Many times workers compensation is given for employees who have greatly aided in injuring themselves. If you don't want to be forced to shut your doors because of a few mistakes, workers compensation insurance is likely for you. Because money won't be coming out of your pocket, you'll be able to continue operations. Additionally, workers compensation insurance providers generally tend to do more than simply dole out cash to injured parties. Instead, they work with companies to help them maintain a safe working environment. In addition, many workers compensation insurance companies allow members of the client company to use a variety of online tools to help them prevent workers compensation claims, as well getting workers reinstated after they have been out for some time. With all of these benefits, workers compensation insurance can be a great asset to any company.
Do's & Don't of Workers Compensation Insurance
You can buy workers' compensation insurance online. Getting custom quotes is always beneficial in any insurance circumstance. Online, you can generally get quotes from more than one company, looking at those quotes side-by-side to determine the best course of action. However, buying workers compensation insurance is a bit different than buying insurance for your boat or car. Because such a large part of workers' compensation insurance is education and training, comparing not only rates but tools online is one way to help determine which workers compensation insurance company you should go with. After making the comparison, buying online allows you a secure forum in which to manage your policy, a forum that you can access anywhere. By making not only the buying process, but also the managing process easier, workers compensation insurance is allowing business owners more freedom with which to run their businesses.

Workers Compensation Insurance Update

Florida orders drop in workers' compensation rates
Florida regulators are approving a drop in workers' compensation insurance rates. Insurance Commissioner Kevin McCarty this past week announced that he was approving a rate drop for insurers that provide coverage for on-the-job injuries. Rates will drop overall by 5.2 percent. The rate change wi...
New Mexico Mutual Insurance Selects DataCare for Workers' Comp Software
SAN JOSE, Calif., Nov. 19, 2014 /PRNewswire/ --  New Mexico Mutual Insurance ( ), the largest provider of workers' compensation insurance in New Mexico, selects DataCare ( ...
WorkWell Raises the Bar and Sets New Benchmark with Introduction of Innovative P...
WorkWell, in partnership with NextImage Medical, is introducing the innovative solution to prevent and reduce claim costs to Workers? Compensation. Together, they have created a pr
Energi and HDI-Gerling Select York to Manage Workers? Compensation Claims
York Risk Services Group, a premier provider of claims management, managed care and risk management services, today announced it has been selected to manage workers? compensation claims by Energi, a leading provider of risk management and insurance for the energy industry and HDI-Gerling, commercial...
Texas Mutual Awards $62K Dividend to Construction Supply Safety Group
Austin-based workers? compensation insurer, Texas Mutual Insurance Co., recently awarded a dividend of $62,147 to the Texas Construction Supply safety group. Texas Mutual said the dividend was earned based on the group members? dedication to making safety a priority in ? The article Texas Mutual Awa...
Florida orders drop in workers' compensation insurance rates
Florida regulators are approving a drop in workers' compensation insurance rates. Insurance Commissioner Kevin McCarty this past week announced that he was approving a rate drop for insurers that provide coverage for on-the-job injuries. Rates will drop overall by 5.2 percent. The rate change wi...
Registration for 2015 WCRI Annual Issues & Research Conference Now Open
The WCRI conference is a leading workers? compensation forum for policymakers, employers, labor advocates, insurance executives, health care organizations, claims managers, researchers and others. Conference participants will leave with new insights, valuable networking contacts and a better underst...
Connecticut Approves NCCI?s Workers? Comp Loss Cost Decrease Filing
The Connecticut Insurance Department recently approved the National Council on Compensation Insurance?s (NCCI) workers? compensation filing for an overall -0.6 percent change for pure premium loss costs and an overall -0.5 percent change in assigned risk plan rates in Connecticut. ? The article Conn...
North Carolina Approves Workers? Compensation Rates for 2015
North Carolina Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin said new workers? compensation rates have been approved as filed and will go into effect April 1, 2015. There will be a 3.4 percent average decrease to loss costs for the voluntary market. There ? The article North Carolina Approves Workers? Compen...
Taj Mahal offers to restore workers' health care
The Trump Taj Mahal casino is offering to restore health insurance to its workers as part of a last-ditch effort to keep the struggling Atlantic City casino open. Trump Entertainment Resorts said Saturday ...

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